Thursday, July 2, 2009

Belief Alone 55

He believed in love so powerful it needed no touch -- love that could abide across any distance and against all temptations.

She believed in love so vast it could sweep away all worry, all despair, all pain, everything.

If only one of them had spoken up during Witterston's Shakespeare class, then they might have met.



G-Man said...

Snooze you lose!!

Welcome back Devo, Nice to see you and your clever mind back.

Excellent 55!

Thanks for playing, and thanks for visiting, have a Great Holiday..

Vicki said...

First time to your blog, I loved reading what you've wrote.

CJ said...

I'm new to 55 so I went back and read some of your past entries. I loved the middle seat and the parrot ones best. I posted my first 55. Come visit and join my first giveaway:

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow....this is so good.

Mine's posted.

James Goodman said...

Great 55. I think we've all had those missed opportunities.

Jadey said...

Ahhh the what if. Great 55. Happy 4th. Mine is up

Fandango said...

You humans are so into love stuff. People in love with love but it doesn't happen.
So sad.
Good 55

Ours is up.

Dr.John said...

Lack of communication. That is a problem for couples everywhere and for couples that never become couples.
Great 55

MimiRock said...

I was so intrigued by your 55 that I went back and read some of your previous ones. You are a true poet in my eyes and I look forward to more.

Devotee said...


Not sure my mind is "back" from vacation yet, but thanks!

Vicki, CJ and MimiRock,

Welcome! It's always great to have new readers, especially when they say such nice things.

Feel free to check out my other blog too!

James, Jadey, & Dr. John,

All right! Thanks to the "Great" verdicts from you, I feel like I've hit the trifecta of "J".


Hootin' Annie,

Thanks for the "Wow". That's always a good word to hear.


You dragons have it so much easier, with your wings to fly away -- and your fiery breath to crispy-toast anyone who leaves you in the romantic lurch ...

Love to all,