Sunday, June 28, 2009

Waiting 55

She waited for the right time to say something.

The right time.
The right place.
The right person to say it to.

She waited.

Even though she knew ...
Every time is a time.
Every place is a place.
Every person has the potential to hear.

She waited ... and that was okay.

Being ready is important.



G-Man said...

I pride myself in being ready, so I can relate.

Double 55's this week eh?

hehehe...You ROCK!!!

You've more than made up for your absence...Thanks

James Goodman said...

Another great read. Nicely done.

Fandango said...

Welcome back. We dragons are always ready.
Great 55

CJ said...

Nice poem. I was a Girl Scout and our motto was "Be Prepared." I was never quite sure what I had to be prepared for, but it sure sounded good.